Kliewer, Natalia

A moment with...
Professor Natalia Kliewer

“I’ve been Professor of Business Informatics at the Free University of Berlin since 2009. Studying in my home country of Kyrgyzstan, and later in Münster and Paderborn enhanced my enthusiasm for combining technical capabilities with complex models.”

(1) What I love about my current job is...
...the freedom to choose what I want to work on, working on complex and abstract scientific approaches while all the time maintaining the focus on real-life applications and a dynamic environment – characterised by young researchers and ever-new generations of students.

(2) My current job suits me perfectly because...
...a job in academia optimally satisfies my thirst for knowledge and desire for discovery.

(3) One of the highlights of my career so far has been...
...seeing for the very first time how research findings can be put into practice and provide answers to current and pressing social challenges.

(4) When I look back on my career to date, I’d say that what has particularly shaped me has been...
…the wide variety of experiences I’ve had, the great people I’ve encountered along the way and a love of reading.

(5) I’d advise any young women wishing to pursue a career similar to mine to...
...“follow what drives you” – stick to things that spark your enthusiasm and don’t let any prejudices, such as supposedly better job prospects elsewhere, dissuade you from doing what you want to do.

(6) One thing that has changed at Paderborn University that has particularly surprised me since I left is...
...the university’s consistent and successful pursuit and strengthening of its image as a “University for the Information Society”.

(7) I associate my time at Paderborn University with...
...an excellent working atmosphere and environment, first-rate support from my doctorate supervisor Professor Leena Suhl, bright students and a vibrant campus.

(8) For the next 50 years, I wish Paderborn University...
...to be able to retain and successfully build on its strengths and to play a key role in shaping the digital future as a leading university.

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