Judith Kuckart: Skoronel Reloaded

The Skoronel Reloaded dance ensemble, ranging in age from fifty-two to seventy-four, told the story on stage that it's not about what has been made of us, but about what we make of what has been made of us. "Ophelia can be", "Esperanza Hotel", "Vincent fressen ihn die Raben", "Homme Fatal" were the productions - more than seventeen in total - with which the Skoronel dance theatre toured in the eighties and nineties at home and abroad. The pieces told of iconic, often fragile biographies, of love, destructive and revolutions, always failed. In the young ensemble, dance and language formed a happy, wild connection as physical expression and poetic fragment. Now, today, a life later, Judith Kuckart has brought the hard core of that time back together for an unusual Reload, to tell of their own biographies, of precarious dance through the years. More information about the event can be found here.