Grafe, Silke

A moment with...
Professor Silke Grafe

“I’m Chair of School Pedagogy at the University of Würzburg (JMU). My research focus is media pedagogy from an international perspective. I’m also currently Spokesperson for the Competence Centre for Digital Teaching and Learning at JMU (DigiLLabs@JMU).”

(1) What I love about my current job is...
...the diversity of my work and research field, collaborating with my team, discussions with student teachers, teachers and pupils, the dialogue with international colleagues – and much more.

(2) I’ve long been passionate about...
...teaching and learning with and via digital media in schools and teacher training from an international and interdisciplinary perspective.

(3) One of the highlights of my career so far has been...
...meeting so many highly committed and inspiring people.

(4) When I look back on my career so far, I’d say that what has particularly shaped me has been...
…the support of Professor Emeritus Gerhard Tulodziecki and Professor Bardo Herzig and their teams, as well as the support of colleagues at the Paderborn University Institute for Educational Research. The equal opportunities programmes, peer mentoring programme, Paderborn Centre for Educational Research and Teacher Training (PLAZ) and university didactics were also important impulses for my academic career.

(5) People and career paths of others that encouraged to take up my professorship are...
...those who inspired me as role models.

(6) I believe that female role models are important in university and professional life today because...
...they show that this career path is possible and empower other women.

(7) I’d advise any young women wishing to pursue a career similar to mine to...
...find a field of research that excites you and consistently follow your own path.

(8) I associate my time at Paderborn University with...
...many wonderful memories!

(9) For the next 50 years, I wish Paderborn University... continue to be an academic and professional home to many – as it was to me – where people enjoy teaching, researching and studying; and to continue to make vital contributions to shaping a democratic and humane society.

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