Event-Physics Show

Event-Physik-Show der Universität Paderborn begeistert Zuschauer*innen

Spectacle Event-Physics Show at Paderborn University Amazes Audience The latest show by the Event-Physics, "What Will the Neighbors Say," thrilled the audience at the Paderborn University Audimax and once again showed that physics is anything but boring or dry. The first performance was exclusively open to school classes, followed by two more performances for all interested parties. Both were filled to the last available seat.

The audience was able to participate live in a shoot for a music video by the Event-Physics. Dr. Marc Sacher, head of the Event-Physics, took on the role of director and led ten Event-Physicists through the various scenes. Experiments were presented in different life situations of the "Boy," who desperately wants to study physics against his parents' wishes, and the corresponding physical phenomena were explained in a way that was understandable and humorous for everyone. The floating train drove in the boy's room, and cucumbers were made to glow in his parents' kitchen. Particularly spectacular were the bath in the burning bathtub and the lightning produced by the Tesla transformer in the parents' front yard.

In both public shows, the Event-Physicists had to prove their spontaneity: in the first performance, a live television broadcast (WDR, available in the local news OWL) had to be incorporated. In the last show, a fire alarm suddenly went off. However, the Event-Physicists remained composed and continued with the show after the attending fire brigade deemed the situation harmless. All shows were rewarded with thunderous applause from the audience.

At the end of the event, the team presented the finished music video, which can also be accessed at junge.event-physik.de.

More information about the event can be find here.