Lenzing, Anke

A moment with...
Professor Anke Lenzing

“I’m Anke Lenzing – born 1973, married with 2 children. After an apprenticeship as a bookseller, I went on to do a degree in English Linguistics. I completed my doctorate at Paderborn University in 2011, and habilitated there in 2018. I taught and researched at the university as an interim professor and academic senior councillor up until 2021, during which time I also undertook research stays in the USA and Australia. I’ve been Chair of English Language Teaching at the University of Innsbruck in Austria since September 2021.”

(1) What I love about my current job is...
...The research and teaching freedom I have and all the various options this brings with it
...Working with students in the scope of research-based teaching and learning and the resulting interesting dialogue
...The inspiring collaboration with colleagues worldwide
...The wide-ranging possibilities for gaining knowledge

(2) I’ve long been passionate about...
...everything relating to second language acquisition, especially the psycholinguistic aspects of this: What mechanisms underlie our ability to learn languages? What factors influence us when learning a language? What opportunities do we have to communicate with others when we begin to learn another language?

(3) One of the highlights of my career so far has been...
...A long research stay in Australia with my family
...My appointment to the professorship at the University of Innsbruck

(4) When I look back on my career so far, I’d say that what has particularly shaped me has been...
...The many conversations with lovely colleagues both at my home university and in the wider community
...The dialogue with students
...My children and family

(5) I’d advise any young women wishing to pursue a career similar to mine to...
…carve your own path with confidence and follow your thirst for knowledge (don’t simply focus on ‘strategic’ research topics). Be yourself and don’t let yourself be influenced by anyone or anything!

(6) I personally benefited from the equal opportunity measures in place at Paderborn University when I...
...received funding from the university for my habilitation project as part of its equality concept to support and fund female post-doc students and junior professors.

(7) I associate my time at Paderborn University with...
...Intensive co-operation with lovely colleagues who became my friends and the associated fascinating projects
...Highs (e.g. inspiring discussions with colleagues and students, completing my dissertation and habilitation) and lows (e.g. temporary contracts and the planning uncertainty that comes with these contracts)

(8) For the next 50 years, I wish Paderborn University...
...all the very best! I hope that the university will continue to promote the advancement of women and further improve the work-life balance. A key component here would be the creation of permanent positions for committed academics!

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