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Tue., 06/07/2022
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Graphic Recording – handwritten visualisations

Event organizer:Dr. Nerea Vöing – Staff Dept. Educational Innovation and University Didactics

Location: Raum E5.333, Universität Paderborn
Address: Warburger Str. 100, 33098 Paderborn

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Visualisations are an important aid to learning and working


Handwritten visualisations are an important (didactic) element – in teaching, but not only there. Particularly in the context of meetings and presentations, visualisations represent added value. In the workshop “Graphic Recording – handwritten visualisations”, participants learnt about graphic recording methods.

Why visualise?


Visualisations are an important aid to learning and working. They make goals transparent, provide clarity, support the learning process, document processes, summarize concisely, awaken interest, provide orientation, show correlations, emotionalise, are unique and offer a good alternative (or at least a supplement) to digital presentation formats.

In the workshop, participants learned processes and methods for the graphic depiction of content, visual recording of results and documentation of contributions. In addition, they were able to practise and develop an appropriate visual vocabulary for their own field of expertise or knowledge.