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Wed., 05/04/2022 - Fri., 09/30/2022
All day
Escape Game

Escape adventure from IT security

Event organizer:Meike Kampmeyer – Information Security Office

Escape adventure: Solve puzzles on the subject of “IT security” virtually and on campus

Finding clues, solving puzzles and cracking codes – for Paderborn University’s 50th anniversary, the Informationssicherheits-Team information security team has developed its own escape game. Participants searched for secret research data both online and on site in various buildings. In addition to fun and action, the escape adventure provided useful tips and basic rules on the subject of “IT security”. Anyone interested could try the free game until September 30th.


It all starts with a request from the Darknet: The sender, who writes under the pseudonym K. Ralle, seems to be targeting certain research data and offers participants a large sum of money if they are successful. The password of a fictitious employee of the university is required to access the university server. Easy money or a trap?