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Wed., 10/19/2022
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Workshop / Hands-on events

Do you want to play? – Hands-on game theory

Location: Bibliotheks-Foyer Universität Paderborn
Address: Warburger Str. 100, 33098 Paderborn

Join forces with Paderborn University scientists and have fun learning strategic and cooperative thinking

What is important when deciding where to put your market stall? How can prize money be distributed fairly? Do we behave differently when not only our own success is affected, but also the success of others? These are just a few of the many game theory questions asked by scientists from the Chair of Economics – and particularly microeconomics specialists – at Paderborn University. They invited the interested public to a free workshop on Thursday, 29. September from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., where participants could test their own strategies, discuss various methodical approaches and have fun learning to think in economic terms.

Hands-on activities in the city and on the campus

On Saturday, 17. September, the Paderborn scientists had already set up a games stall at Franz-Stock-Platz in the city centre. Adults and families with children aged eight and upwards could test their strategic abilities and negotiating skills as ice-cream sellers, pirates or heirs to a fortune. On Wednesday, 19. October, interested members of the public had another opportunity to take part in a similar hands-on activity on the university campus.