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Sat., 06/11/2022
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Open Day

3D printing up close and personal – The influence of a future technology on our lives

Event organizer:Dr.-Ing. Christian-Friedrich Lindemann – DMRC

Location: Gebäude L, Gebäude W, Universität Paderborn
Address: Warburger Str. 100, 33098 Paderborn

How to get here.

Lab tours, workshop and co. at Paderborn University


Why not simply print a spare part for the dishwasher or a personalised phone cover at home? What was once considered a futuristic dream has long since become reality. 3D printing is already an interesting and frequently used production process in many industries, but it has also become increasingly common in everyday life. In the context of Paderborn University’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the Paderborn Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) invited the public to experience 3D printing “up close and personal” on Saturday, 11. June from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Guided tours, presentations, a workshop and interactive stations on the campus provided opportunities to discover and try out the technology, as well as giving a glimpse of future developments.

“The possibilities of 3D printing are almost limitless. We will encounter the technology more and more in our everyday lives – in everything from mascara brushes to custom-produced titanium implants,” said DMRC Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Christian Lindemann. The event showed how much influence 3D printing already has on our lives and might have in the future, for example in medical technology, food technology, mobility, spare part supply and much more. Laboratory tours and presentations gave deeper insights into the technology and its interfaces with ecological and economic topics, such as sustainability.

Programme for all the family


The aim was to give visitors hands-on experience of intriguing everyday objects and an opportunity to learn about the technical possibilities interactively. Career starters found information about vocational training and degree courses related to 3D printing. Workshop participants discovered concrete ways in which this technology can solve day-to-day problems. Visitors could also interactively create their “three-dimensional me”. The labs specialising in 3D printing were open to all. Not only did researchers from the university present the components they had made, but many companies from the Paderborn area – Condor Custom Solutions, Protiq, Stükerjürgen Aerospace, Additive Marking and many more – also showed how they are changing the world with 3D printing. A food truck and a coffee bike made sure that nobody went hungry or thirsty during the event.